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Pelican Landing: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Decent Bar and Grill food with a spectacular waterfront view.

The Facts:

CUISINE: American Bar and Grill

LOCATION: 2301 SE 17th St, Pier Sixty-Six Marina, Fort Lauderdale, FL

WEBSITE: https://www.pelican-landing.com/

This place is pretty good and has gorgeous views of the waterway. You're really paying for the views here as this is a typical waterfront bar and grill joint. Note that this is a bit tricky to find your first time, you have to drive through the parking lot of a hotel that's under construction. Then you walk out onto the docks, follow the signs on the ground. We were with locals who knew how to get there.

A group of four of us started with the Conch Fritters and Ceviche which were both good. My wife and I then went with the fish tacos and the crab cake sliders. Note they came as two on each plate, usually tacos come in a set of three.

The tacos were quite good. The crab cakes outer coating was a bit too thick and the buns were dry. They were good but not as good as the could have been if the breading was thinner and there was more butter or some sort of sauce on the buns. I don't think the crab cakes are made in-house, they seemed to be pre-made frozen patties.

The drinks were noticeably weak and small. So be aware of that.

All in all, an enjoyable dinner at sunset looking out over the water. If that's what you're looking for, this place will suit the bill.

A version of this review first appeared in Trip Advisor.