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About Me

I'm a lifelong storyteller and wanna-be chef. You've seen my work on Food Network and PBS to name a few.  My favorite stories revolve around travel and food.


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Growing up in an Italian-American household, the kitchen was my the heart of my upbringing.


We spent more time in that kitchen than most families spend in their living rooms. At 8 years old I distinctly remember cooking a pork roast for the family.  


Today, I love to travel, eat and cook. The “holy trinity” of living. I’ve been writing reviews and sharing recipes on various sites for years so I figured it was time to bring it all together on very fun and very visual site. At least that’s the idea.

See if I wasn’t a media storyteller, I’d own a restaurant, probably a Trattoria. But my wife won’t let me open a restaurant, so I’m opening this website instead. 

Please pull up a chair, relax and enjoy the site. 

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