Growing up in an Italian-American household, the kitchen was the heart of my upbringing.


We spent more time in that kitchen than most families spend in their living rooms. At 8 years old I distinctly remember cooking a pork roast for the family.  That's Christmas Eve late 1960's up there in the photo, me on Poppi's lap getting ready for the Feast of the Seven Fishes. The meal is a tradition that Poppi brought with him from Italy.


Today, I love to travel, eat and cook. The “holy trinity” of living. I’ve been writing reviews and sharing recipes on various sites for years so I figured it was time to bring it all together on a fun and very visual site. At least that’s the idea.

See if I wasn’t a media storyteller, I’d own a restaurant, probably a Trattoria. But my wife won’t let me, so I’m opening this website instead. 

Please pull up a chair, relax and enjoy the site. 

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